Degrees and Programs

Student Life

The Department of Health & Kinesiology (HLKN) is dedicated to the success of its students, and aims to educate an array of diverse and passionate students. 

HLKN offers four B.S. degrees with 13 different options. Each of these programs requires prerequisite coursework and GPA to be admitted to upper level. The Undergraduate Advising Office for the Department of Health & Kinesiology is located in Room 328 of the Blocker Building (979) 845-4530. Admission to upper level in all programs is competitive and not guaranteed.

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The department also offers an exciting array of graduate programs to equip future scholars, leaders and educators for the challenges of the 21st century. Our programs emphasize strong academic preparation combined with practical experience and research as a framework for success. The faculty is comprised of talented scholars and teachers who are committed to providing an environment in which students can learn and grow. Facilities are exceptional, and students inclined toward research will find state-of-the-art laboratories equipped to probe questions from molecular biology to whole body performance, and from individual to community-based health promotion.

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