Program Expenses

There exist some additional fees which athletic training students will incur as a result of participation in the MSAT program. This information is estimated and is subject to change.  Information about common graduate student costs such as tuition, student fees, course fees, room, and board is available at Student Business Services and in the Graduate catalog. 

Apparel for Clinical Rotation ~$50-100 * ~$50-100 *
NATA/SWATA Membership 60 (new) ** 80 **
BOC Exam n/a ~$35 application fee / ~$300 exam registration fee
Student Liability Insurance $13 (ATTR 651 course fee) $13 (ATTR 655 course fee)
Manual Therapy Credential n/a $200-$400
Professional Conferences Variable Variable
Travel to off-site clinicals Students are responsible for their own transportation Students are responsible for their own transportation
Flu vaccine, TB testing and/or other required vaccinations and tests Refer to Refer to


*Students are provided a polo shirt and access to online ordering of program T-shirts and jackets for a group rate.

**Atrack free with NATA membership