Bachelor of Science in Health: Allied Health

The B.S. in Health, Allied Health Option (AHO) provides a background in health sciences, health education, and an opportunity to complete professional school prerequisites. Students select electives from a list of prerequisites for specific professional schools.

Graduates gain the academic background to work in a variety of health-related settings such as government health agencies (e.g., local public health departments), voluntary health organizations (e.g., American Heart Association), hospitals, businesses, and other health-related organizations, even if they decide not to attend a professional school.

Each student completes courses that provide an academic foundation. Additionally, students receive required health science and health education coursework, which includes but is not limited to Introduction to the Health Education Profession, Community Health, Human Diseases, Drugs and Society, Grant Writing, and Professional Practice in Health Education.

For more information about admission to the Allied Health option (freshman, transfer and change of major), check out Undergraduate Admissions in the HLKN Student Services Section.