Bachelor of Science in Sport Management

The Sport Management degree is designed to prepare students for careers as administrators and managers in sport organizations, as well as entry-level management positions in college and professional athletics. Through this program, students are prepared for a variety of roles in the areas of sport marketing and promotions, facility management and planning, activity programming and events management. Students complete a common body of coursework and upon entry into the professional phase of the program may elect the option that requires completion of an internship or may select the interdisciplinary option.

The applied option, following coursework, provides students with field experience in their final semester in place of classroom instruction. The interdisciplinary option allows students to study sport management from a specific perspective with the goal of gaining course instruction in various areas within the sport industry (i.e. Statistics, Economics, Journalism, Facilities, etc.) Students in the interdisciplinary option complete 1 minor from a list of approved minors/certificates (i.e., business, journalism, communications, management, etc.). There are common course requirements for both tracks.