University Studies - Sports Conditioning Concentration

The area of concentration for Sports Conditioning is designed to serve students who are in good academic standing with the University (2.0+ GPR) and are specifically seeking an interdisciplinary degree plan which provides preparation for further study in fields or careers in coaching high-performance athletes and personal training.

The focus is on adult performance at collegiate, professional or fitness industry levels. The concentration area is distinguished from existing majors because it would directly be focused on strength and conditioning coaching at the collegiate, professional, and fitness industry level, areas that are not currently served by existing majors on campus.  Existing majors prepare students to teach and coach in junior/high school teaching situations, but the collegiate, professional, and adult fitness levels of coaching bring different challenges.

For the concentration, the coaching minor is required. The second minor may be chosen from one of the University-approved minors but must be from another college.

Hours Component

Each University Studies degree includes the following components:

  • 43-45 Texas A&M core curriculum courses
  • 21-24 Primary area or concentration
  • 15-18 Minor that may or may not be in the same college as the concentration
  • 15-18 Minor that is not in the same college as the concentration
  • 15-26 Electives or prerequisite requirements for required courses in the concentration or minors

120 Total hours

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