Current Research Studies


Human Research - IRB Approved

Armstrong, Carisa Dance Aerobic Fitness Test (DAFT) Steady Increase Training verses Plyometric High Intensity Interval Training on Cardiovascular Fitness Levels in Collegiate Dancers Active IRB2016-0659D 
Barry, Adam Etheridge Evaluating the Accuracy of Digital Translation Tools for Diabetes Education Material Active IRB2014-0766D 
Bennett, Gregg It's not what you tweet but how you tweet it: An experiment of interactivity and communication style in Twitter Active IRB2015-0286D 
Bennett, Gregg Airbnb Guests for Football Games Active IRB2015-0679D 
Bergeron, Christine S Physiological Impact of the Fitness Gram vs. Pilates based Abdominal Curl Active IRB2016-0392D 
Boucher, Anthony Acute effects of instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, foam rolling, and static stretching on hamstring and quadriceps flexibility Active IRB2016-0390D 
Boucher, Anthony The effects of whole body vibration (WBV) on flexibility, power and balance in collegiate athletes. Active IRB2016-0497D 
Brison, Natasha Assessment of Weight Loss Advertisements Utilizing Athlete Endorsers Active IRB2016-0516D 
Buchanan, John J Brain activity patterns revealed by fNIRS when producing bimanual coordination patterns under stress Active IRB2014-0469D 
Buchanan, John J Learning and interference in bimanual coordination tasks Active IRB2016-0021D 
Chen, Lei-Shih Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) Genetic Testing: Perspectives among Parents of Children Diagnosed with ASD  Active IRB2014-0338F 
Chen, Lei-Shih Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of a Family Health History Training Program Active IRB2015-0667D 
Chen, Lei-Shih Family Health History-based Colorectal Cancer Prevention and Navigation to Clinical Services among Chinese Americans in Texas. Active IRB2016-0068D 
Chen, Lei-Shih Future Health Educators' Perspectives towards Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) Active IRB2016-0781M 
Clark, Heather Investigation into community partnerships through network analysis, a study of the Brazos Valley Health Partnership network data Active IRB2014-0731M 
Cote, Gerard Evaluating Multiwavelength Light Sensor for Increased Signal Stability  Active IRB2014-0604D 
Crouse, Stephen F Acute vascular effects of aquatic and land treadmill exercise in pre-hypertensive men Active IRB2014-0076F 
Crouse, Stephen F Relationship between calorie intake and daily energy expenditure among division 1 collegiate female soccer players and non-athletes Active IRB2014-0457FX 
Crouse, Stephen F Development of a Novel Elliptical Trainer Fitness Assessment for Law Enforcement.  Active IRB2014-0691F 
Crouse, Stephen F L-citrulline supplementation and its effects on cycling performance Active IRB2015-0797F 
Cunningham, George B Prejudice toward Persons with Disabilities in the Sport and Fitness Context Active IRB2012-0630M 
Cunningham, George B Service Learning in Sport Management: Student Volunteering with Special Olympic Sport Active IRB2016-0424D 
Deutz, Nicolaas E Effects of Essential Amino Acid Intake on Net Protein Synthesis in weight-losing non-small cell lung cancer patients Active IRB2012-0042M 
Deutz, Nicolaas E Development of An Innovative Panel of Methods to Measure Intestinal Macronutrient Digestion, Absorption, and Function Active IRB2012-0059M 
Deutz, Nicolaas E Eicosapentaenoic acid and protein modulation to induce anabolism in COPD: Aim 1 Active IRB2012-0060M 
Deutz, Nicolaas E Leucine-enriched Essential Amion Acid Intake to Optimize Protein Anabolism in children with Cystic Fibrosis Active IRB2012-0063M 
Deutz, Nicolaas E Methionine Tolerance in Healthy Human Adults Active IRB2014-0800F 
Deutz, Nicolaas E Human Metabolism of Ornithine Phenylacetate Active IRB2014-0801F 
Deutz, Nicolaas E A device and method to collect ECG and REM data to capture sleep patterns Active IRB2015-0623F 
Deutz, Nicolaas E Human Metabolism of HMB Active IRB2015-0767F 
Deutz, Nicolaas E Feasibility of novel laboratory methods for use in nutrition studies Active IRB2016-0014F 
Deutz, Nicolaas E Omics Profiling of the Response to Food and Variability of Weight Loss in Medically Supervised Very Low Calorie Diet  Active IRB2016-0304F 
Dixon, Marlene Team Cohesion with Collegiate Athletics: Bonding or Isolation? Active IRB2016-0755D 
Engelen, Marielle Eicosapentaenoic Acid and Protein Metabolism to Induce Anabolism in COPD: Aim 2 Active IRB2012-0171F 
Engelen, Marielle Metabolic and Functional Changes in Relation to Nutritional Status in Chronic Heart Failure Active IRB2012-0503F 
Engelen, Marielle Effects of Chemotherapy and Nutritional Intervention on Gut Function and Metabolism in Cancer Active IRB2012-0504F 
Engelen, Marielle Casein Protein and Leucine Supplementation to Induce Anabolism in COPD Patients and Healthy Elderly Active IRB2012-0561F 
Engelen, Marielle Validation Of a New Method To Simultaneously Measure Protein Digestion & Absorption Active IRB2013-0758F 
Engelen, Marielle Fat Metabolism and Digestion in Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Active IRB2013-0878F 
Engelen, Marielle Effect of alpha-lactalbumin on metabolic and cognitive functions in healthy older adults and patients with dementia. Active IRB2014-0065F 
Engelen, Marielle Role of DNA sequence variation and gene expression in metabolic and functional traits associated with human diseases  Active IRB2014-0130F 
Engelen, Marielle Nutritional supplementation in patient with stable COPD and in those recovering from an acute exacerbation of COPD: the effects on metabolism and clinical status Active IRB2014-0139F 
Engelen, Marielle Omics Profiling of the Response to Food and Variability of Weight Loss with Bariatric Surgery Active IRB2014-0651F 
Engelen, Marielle Longitudinal assessment of fat free mass index and its impact on lung health and overall health metrics in pediatric patients with cystic fibrosis Active IRB2015-0378M 
Engelen, Marielle Assessment of anabolic responsiveness to protein intake in advanced cancer Active IRB2015-0460F 
Engelen, Marielle Observational study on metabolic processes and cognitive functions in adults and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder. Active IRB2015-0542F 
Engelen, Marielle Anabolic responsiveness to protein intake in Chronic Heart Failure and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder Active IRB2015-0676F 
Engelen, Marielle The effects of acute resistance exercise on protein and amino acid metabolism in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Active IRB2015-0768F 
Engelen, Marielle The effects of land treadmill exercise on gut function in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Active IRB2016-0395F 
Engelen, Marielle Metabolism of HMB in Supplement with and without Nutritional Components Active IRB2016-0734F 
Engelen, Marielle Skeletal muscle response to leg exercise in subjects with and without COPD Active IRB2016-0748F 
Francique, Akilah R NCAA division I HBCU Athletic Directors' perspectives on the current NCAA funding structure Active IRB2014-0769D 
Gabbard, Carl P Using Mental Imagery Strategies to Improve Motor Planning for Reach Actions Reducing Fall Risk in the Elderly Active IRB2015-0138M 
Gabbard, Carl P A Survey of Developmental Coordination Disorder Among College Students  Active IRB2016-0203M 
Garney, Whitney Reynolds Texas Tobacco Quit Line Evaluation and Outreach Assistance Active IRB2015-0638D 
Gilreath, Tamika Measuring Stress in Military Connected Adolescents Active IRB2016-0576D 
Goodson, Patricia Decisions to Forgo or Not Adhere to Antiretroviral Therapies for HIV Infection: A Pilot Study of Long-Term Nonprogressors (LTNPs) Active IRB2010-0735F 
Goodson, Patricia The Influence of Friendship Networks on Adolescents' Health-Risk Behaviors: A Social Network Analysis. Active IRB2012-3028M 
Goodson, Patricia Expressive writing, academic stress and productivity Active IRB2016-0750M 
Greenwood, Lori Effects of ice massage versus CryoRoller™ on skin surface temperature and myofascial trigger points in the gastrocnemius muscle Active IRB2016-0391D 
Greenwood, Lori Effects of the Deep Muscle Stimulator on myofascial trigger points in the upper back and neck regions. Active IRB2016-0394D 
Guidry, Jeffrey An Exploration of Breast Cancer Screening Behaviors Among High-achieving Latinas Active IRB2013-0872D 
Guidry, Jeffrey Stuck in the Middle:
A Mixed-Methods Study Examining the Role of Specific Health Knowledge and Perceived Risk in the African American Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Health Disparity
Active IRB2015-0854D 
Harvey, Idethia Social Support in Type 2 Diabetes Management Among Adults Active IRB2015-0162D 
Harvey, Idethia Arkansas Minority Barber & Beauty Shop Health Initiative  Active IRB2015-0781D 
Jones-Mckyer, Ellisa Lisako Examining the Influence of Psychological Determinants on Children's Active Commuting to School using Theoretical Perspectives Active IRB2013-0254M 
Jones-Mckyer, Ellisa Lisako Social Networks Study Active IRB2013-0810M 
Jones-Mckyer, Ellisa Lisako A Review of the American College Health Association National College Health Assessment Active IRB2014-0028M 
Jones-Mckyer, Ellisa Lisako Withdrawal as a contraceptive method in college students Active IRB2014-0033M 
Jones-Mckyer, Ellisa Lisako An Assessment of Food Preparation Literacy in Adolescents' Family Home Active IRB2015-0006D 
Jones-Mckyer, Ellisa Lisako Texas Health Educators’ Health Literacy professional preparation and Competence: A Multiple Perspective  Active IRB2016-0005D 
Jones-Mckyer, Ellisa Lisako Examining the Nutritional Status of Women and Children in Niger Active IRB2016-0018M 
Jones-Mckyer, Ellisa Lisako Measuring Health Literacy among Chinese-Speaking American Immigrants with Limited English Proficiency Active IRB2016-0092D 
Kennedy, Deanna M The behavioral effects of normal and augmented feedback on movement control in individuals with Multiple Sclerosis Active IRB2014-0088D 
Kreider, Richard B. The Effects of the Curves 90-Day Fitness Challenge on Health Outcomes in Women Active IRB2010-0813FX 
Kreider, Richard B. Effects of Nutrient Timing on Markers of Health & Fitness in Post-Menopausal Women Active IRB2011-0136FX 
Kreider, Richard B. Validation of Carbohydrate Intolerance Questionnaire Active IRB2013-0401FX 
Kreider, Richard B. Effects of a Carbohydrate Restricted, High Protein, High Fat Diet on Weight Loss and Health Outcomes in Women Participating in the Curves Fitness & Weight Loss Program Active IRB2013-0495FX 
Kreider, Richard B. Effects of Diet Type Selection Based on Response to a Carbohydrate Intolerance Questionnaire and Genetic Screening on Success to a Weight Loss and Exercise Program Active IRB2013-0737FX 
Kreider, Richard B. Pharmacokinetic, Thermogenic, Hemodynamic, Ergogenic Assessment of a Pre-Workout Dietary Supplement  Active IRB2014-0022FX 
Kreider, Richard B. Effects of a Pre-Workout Dietary Supplement on Training Adaptations in Resistance Trained Athletes  Active IRB2014-0079FX 
Kreider, Richard B. Texas Physical Education, Physical Activity & Health/Wellness Education Survey Active IRB2014-0127D 
Kreider, Richard B. Pharmacokinetic, Hemodynamic and Ergogenic Assessment of a Pre-Workout Dietary Supplement Active IRB2014-0795F 
Kreider, Richard B. Short-term safety and dose effects of different forms of creatine ingestion Active IRB2015-0684F 
Kreider, Richard B. Short-Term Safety and Dose Effects of a Ready to Drink Pre-Workout Supplement Active IRB2015-0754F 
Kreider, Richard B. An Examination of a Novel Weight Loss Formula on Anthropometry and Indices of Cardiovascular Disease Risk Active IRB2016-0829FX 
Kreider, Richard B. Pharmacokinetic and Glycemic Response of a Commercially Available Food Bar Active IRB2016-0830D 
Madigan, Michael Exercises for fall prevention Active IRB2015-0824F 
Milstein, Sloane Application of the Collegiate Sport Addition Process Across NCAA Divisions Active IRB2015-0158D 
Rahn, Rhonda Taking learning outside the classroom: Implementing a health fair with peer educators Active IRB2015-0409D 
Rahn, Rhonda An Investigation into the Differences between Health Major and Non-Health Major Undergrads in Their Perceptions about Obesity Active IRB2015-0735D 
Riechman, Steven E PPAR-delta and Resistance Exercise in Obese Adults Active IRB2012-0245F 
Riechman, Steven E The Effect of Choline Intake on Exercise Performance in Older Adults Active IRB2012-0677F 
Riechman, Steven E Molecular Epidemiology of Resistance Exercise Training I  Active IRB2015-0174M 
Riechman, Steven E Egg Cholesterol Consumption, Blood Cholesterol and Skeletal Muscle Hypertrophy Active IRB2015-0175M 
Riechman, Steven E Molecular Epidemiology of Resistance Exercise Training II Active IRB2015-0182M 
Riechman, Steven E The Effect of Cholesterol on Protein Synthesis Following High Intensity Muscle Contractions Active IRB2015-0835M 
Riechman, Steven E The Nutrition, Vision, and Cognition in Sport Study (IONsport Study) Active IRB2016-0374D 
Riechman, Steven E Revisiting total protein intake and timing of ingestion in conjunction with exercise utilizing deuterium Active IRB2016-0376F 
Shea, Charles The behavioral and electromyographic effects of crosstalk on movement control in young and older adults Active IRB2014-0039D 
Shea, Charles Do accuracy requirements change bimanual and unimanual control strategies? Active IRB2015-0640D 
Sherman, Ledric Action Ball: Examining Motivation through an Emerging Activity to Enhance Fitness. Active IRB2016-0406D 
Shipley, Meagan Physical Activity within Shelters: PAWS for Reading  Active IRB2015-0769D 
Walker, Dillon, PhD Triheptanoin Intake and Intermediary Metabolism in Type 2 diabetes Active IRB2015-0624F 
Walker, Matthew Corporate Social Responsibility as a Human Resource Advantage for Sport Organizations Active IRB2015-0799D 
Walker, Matthew An Exploratory analysis of Authentic Leadership in Sport Organizations Active IRB2016-0037D 
Walker, Matthew Nica Nadadores: a sport for development case study in Nicaragua  Active IRB2016-0082D 
Walker, Matthew PGA Stakeholder Analysis Active IRB2016-0210D 
Ward, Susan Assessment of Access to Healthcare Among Children Active IRB2016-0233 
Welty-Peachey, Jon Examining Athletic Director Leadership Behavior during an Academic Scandal Active IRB2012-0606M 
Wilson, Kelly Youth Informed Sexuality Education: Austin ISD student support of the National Sexuality Education Standards Active IRB2014-0725F 
Wilson, Kelly Juntos Podemos! (Together We Can!) Evaluation Active IRB2016-0282D 
Wilson, Kelly Understanding contraceptive behaviors among Latinas Active IRB2016-0451D 
Wilson, Kelly iTP3 Innovator_LifeWorks - Innovative TPP Program: Supporting Pregnant and Parenting Youth Active IRB2016-0457D 
Wilson, Kelly iTP3 Innovator_National Campaign - Transitioning to Success: Preventing Unplanned Pregnancy Among Older Youth in Foster Care Active IRB2016-0458D 
Wilson, Kelly iTP3 Innovator_Healthy Teen Network: The Heart Beat Project Active IRB2016-0535D 
Wilson, Kelly iTP3 Innovator_Multnomah County - Innovative TPP Program: Sexual Health Equity for Individuals with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities (SHEIDD) Active IRB2016-0620D 
Wilson, Kelly iTP3 Innovator_PPGNHI - Online Health 4 Young Adults (OH4YA) Active IRB2016-0621D 
Wilson, Kelly iTP3 Innovator_EyesOpenIowa - Innovative TPP Program: Supporting RA's as sexual health educators Active IRB2016-0791M 
Wright, David L performing complex procedural task under stress Active IRB2014-0520D 
Wright, David L Examining the role of consolidation for new motor learning following random and blocked practice. Active IRB2015-0194D 
Wright, David L Independent Contribution of Acute Exercise to Protection of New Procedural Memory Active IRB2016-0277D 
Wright, David L Non-invasive brain stimulation can influence procedural learning  Active IRB2017-0013D 
Xiang, Ping The 3 × 2 Achievement Goal Model and Motivational Regulations in College Physical Activity Classes Active IRB2016-0393D

Basic Research - IACUC Approved

Bloomfield, Susan Can Dietary Estrogen Treatment in Rats Be Used to Mimic Oral Contraceptive-Induced Menstrual Cycle Suppression? Active IACUC 2014-0039
Bloomfield, Susan Maintaining musculoskeletal health during energy restriction through diet and exercise Active IACUC 2014-0157
Bloomfield, Susan Iron overload and oxidative damage: regulators of bone homeostasis in the space environment Active IACUC 2016-0293
Deutz, Nicolaas E Pharmacokinetics and bioavailability of polyphenolics in the pig Active IACUC 2014-0138
Lawler, John Role of Nox2 in diaphragm pathology with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Active IACUC 2014-0034
Lawler, John Nox2 regulation in disuse-induced skeletal muscle atrophy Active IACUC 2014-0161
Lawler, John Inactivity-induced skeletal muscle atrophy: role of 12-Lipoxygenase Active IACUC 2014-0269
Lawler, John Redox Regulation of nNOS Translocation and Muscle Atrophy During Mechanical Unloading Active IACUC 2015-0175
Lawler, John Nox2 Regulation in the Diaphragm Muscle with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Active IACUC 2015-0355
Lightfoot, John Timothy Renewal of Monitoring wheel running activity during group housing Active IACUC 2016-0181 D