At Texas A&M University, we want our to students understand that receiving an education means they commit not only to learning while in Aggieland, but learning for a lifetime and preparing to assume roles in responsible leadership and service to society.
The Texas A&M Provost describes the Aggies Commit initiative as follows: 

Given our rapidly changing world, students will need to learn continually throughout their lifetime, integrating new ideas and information with what they already know. We have developed our Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) with the theme Aggies Commit to Learning for a Lifetime. It asks our students to make a commitment to purposefully engage in high-impact learning experiences and thoughtfully reflect on their learning experiences in order to develop the habits and skills for integrative and lifelong learning. It calls for our institution to create a culture with opportunities and support for stu­dent engagement and reflection.  Texas A&M University. 2012. Aggies Commit to Learning for a Lifetime:  A Quality Enhancement Plan.

In the Department of Health & Kinesiology, Aggies Commit extends to three factors of a healthy experience outside of the classroom:

  • Lifetime Activity
  • Lifetime Fitness
  • Lifetime Wellness

The commitment starts with our minds and extends to our bodies. And a healthy body makes for a healthy mind and life.

Aggies Commit in HLKN is headed by the work in our Physical Education Activity Program.