Graduate Financial Assistance

Texas A&M offers the Graduate Merit and Graduate Diversity Fellowship for first-time graduate students. The department nominates students for the fellowship. Graduate students should refer to the Office of Graduate Studies to learn more about graduate assistantships, fellowships, and grants.

HLKN graduates are eligible for a variety of fellowships, graduate assistantships, and grants.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistantship opportunities are posted on Jobs for Aggies. For more information regarding graduate assistantships, visit Texas A&M University Financial Aid

PEAP Teaching Graduate Assistantships (GAT)

  • Teach activity courses and combined lecture/activity courses for undergraduates
  • Have relevant teaching or expertise in activities to be taught

To apply, complete the PEAP application form. Submit to Mr. Frank Thomas, PEAP Director, with a resume by March 1.

Other Teaching Assistantships

Arranged by the graduate faculty advisor.

Research Graduate Assistantships (GAR)

Communicate directly with faculty members.


NSBRI Space Life Sciences Fellowship

  • Biomedical Engineering, Genetics, Kinesiology, Nuclear Engineering or Nutrition students from The Texas A&M University System institutions (not including the College Station campus)
  • $20,000 plus tuition costs per academic year for two years (see flyer)

For more information on the fellowship, visit Graduate Training Program in Space Life Sciences.